Pledge Of The People’s National Congress Reform
To Be Taken By All Persons On Becoming Members Of The Party

I …………………………………………………….do hereby solemnly declare, that I will faithfully support the cause of the People’s National Congress Reform, abide by and confirm to its Constitution, its Policies, Programmes, its Standing Orders and Code of Conduct as adopted or amended from time to time; respect all lawfully elected/appointed leaders and structures of the Party, work as a loyal member of the organization and subject myself to the discipline of the Party; that I accept as my bounden duty to study, learn and practice the teachings of the Party to ensure that all Guyanese enjoy equality of opportunity, human dignity and social justice.

I also pledge to be of service to the People’s National Congress Reform without fear or favour, affection or ill-will, and to promote and defend at all times its integrity, policies and programmes and combat propaganda detrimental to its interest according to my ability.

Dated this …15th……day of ……October,…Two thousand and eight (2008)

Signed ………………………………………

People’s National Congress Reform

1. Members shall observe and be faithful to the pledge of fidelity to the People’s National Congress Reform taken on admission to the Party and their membership status shall be subject to review if a credible report is made to the Disciplinary authority about any breaches of the said pledge.

2. Any Person who accepts being a candidate representing the People’s National Congress Reform in a National, Regional or Local Government election must abide by and conform to the Constitution of the PNCR, its policies, programmes, Standing Orders and Code of Conduct as adopted or amended from time to time; and sign a declaration and Pledge similar to that taken by persons becoming full members of the Party. Such persons are subject to recall by the PNCR but shall be guaranteed the rights to the rules of natural justice.

3. Every Party member, PNCR Local government representative or Member of Parliament shall honour all financial obligations to the Party and shall pay all contributions prescribed by the Central Executive Committee, General Council, or Congress.

4. No Party member shall support any other Political Party, organization, or Grouping, other than an organization in alliance with the PNCR, in a manner contrary to the aims, objectives and policies of the Party.

5. Any Party member who joins another Political Party, organisation or Grouping whose aims and objectives are inconsistent with those of the PNCR, unless specially authorized to do so, shall automatically lose his/her membership.

6. A Party member shall not put to his/her personal use any gift of money or property or benefit of any kind whatsoever entrusted to him/her for anything done or to be done or omitted to be done by him/her in the execution of his/her duties as a Party member or as a representative of the Party in any office.

7. A Party member shall not put to his/her personal use, unless permitted by the General Secretary in writing, any money or other property whatsoever received on behalf of or belonging to the Party.

8. A serious offence shall be committed by any Party member who prejudices the integrity or repute of the Party, its personnel or its operational capacity by; impeding the activities of the Party; creating division within its ranks or membership; committing any other act which undermines the effectiveness of the Party, attempting to prevent it from fulfilling its mission and objectives.

9. A Party member shall not publicly criticize or bring into public disrepute any other member of the Party but shall use the appropriate channels of the Party to have investigated, by the appropriate authority, any matter or conduct on the part of that member which may be considered unbecoming or inconsistent with membership of the Party.

10 (a) No member of the Party shall engage in any conduct incompatible with membership of the Party including but not limited to, [See rule 25 (3) of Party Constitution]
i). Falsifying Official Party reports or records;
ii). Corrupt practices;
iii) Gross negligence in the discharge of responsibilities;
iv). Anti-party activities or conduct;
v). Any criminal or other behaviour calculated to bring the Party into disrepute.

(b) The breach of Executive Confidence/Information by a member of the Executive, or anyone who is unlawfully made privy to any decision of the Executive is subject to disciplinary action.

(c) A Party member who is the recipient of any invitation from a Government Ministry or Agency, other political party, representatives of Foreign Governments/organisations shall bring this to the notice of the Leadership of the Party prior to his/her accepting or committing to attend/participate. Following attendance/participation the Party member shall give a detailed report, as far as practicable, in writing to the Leadership.

11. Members of the Party shall:
a. Belong to and take an active part in the life of their group, district and Region.

b. Take all necessary steps to understand and carry out the aims, policy and programme of the Party.

c. Explain the aims, policy and programme of the PNCR to the people in the communities in which they live or are assigned.

d. Deepen their understanding of the social, cultural, political and economic problems of the country.

e. Combat propaganda detrimental to the interests of the PNCR and defend the policy, aims and programmes of the Party.

f. Fight against racism, sexism, religious and political intolerance or any other form of discrimination or chauvinism.

g. Observe discipline, behave honestly and carry out loyally decisions of the majority and decisions of higher bodies.

h. Refrain from publishing and/or distributing any material without authorisation which purports to be the view of any organised grouping, faction or tendency within the Party that is contrary to decisions of the party and likely to bring the Party into public disrepute and undermine its unity and solidarity.

i. All members shall ensure that they are registered as voters in the constituency where they live.

j. If they hold elective office in any sphere of governance, national or local, be required to be members of the appropriate caucus, to function within its rules and to abide by its decisions except otherwise determined by a higher forum of the Party.

k. Take a full and active part in the discussion, formulation and implementation of the policy of the PNCR and shall have the right to speak freely in any forum of the Party whether or not his or her views coincide with any other members. The exercise of such rights shall carry with it the obligation not to disrespect any other member or his or her views.

l. Be free to offer constructive criticism of any member, official, policy programme or activity of the PNCR within its structures but shall not do so publicly to bring the Party into disrepute.

m. Be free to take part in elections and be elected or appointed to any office or committee within the structure of the PNCR or serve on any commission or delegation of the Party if requested to do so.

n. Be free to submit proposals or statements to the Party or any of its organs aimed at improving the functioning of the Party provided such proposals or statements are submitted through the appropriate channels.

12. (a) A person who is elected to Office as a candidate representing the People’s National Congress Reform in a National, Regional or Local Government election shall diligently represent the interest and welfare of the PNCR and the people of Guyana and perform those duties assigned by the Party in a timely and efficient manner.

(b) Any Person who is either elected to Office as a candidate representing the People’s National Congress Reform in a National, Regional or Local Government election or appointed by the PNCR to represent the Party at any forum, shall be recalled if the Party Disciplinary Committee, after adjudicating upon any matter referred to it, recommends such a sanction to the Central Executive Committee and that body informs the Representative of the List and / or the Leader that it has lost confidence in that member.

(c) A member of the National Assembly or Local Government body shall also cease to be a member of that body if that person is disqualified under any provisions of the Constitution or the Laws of Guyana .

(d) A member of the National Assembly, Regional Democratic Council or any Local Government Council in whom the Party has lost confidence in accordance with these rules shall be requested to resign that position and the Party shall take what ever steps it deems fit to enforce its decisions.

Adopted this ……15th……day of ……October,…Two thousand and eigth (2008)