(1) To create an environment which is fovourable to the Party’s winning and maintaining governmental office by electoral means.

(2) To create the framework for every Guyanese to work for spiritual upliftment and to share in the economic well-being of the country and to ensure that there is equality of opportunity in the political, economic and social life of the country.

(3) To promote the economic and social development of Guyana in a sustainable way through the rational use of its resources and the conservation of the environment.

(4) To motivate the people of Guyana to improve by their own efforts their individual and community well-being.

(5) To create the spiritual and material environment and opportunities for nurturing the nation’s children.

(6) To work for the creation of opportunities for the youth to be meaningfully involved in the decision-making processes throughout the country.

(7) To enable women to contribute to the full extent of their individual capabilities at all levels of Party organization and national life.

(8) To uphold the rights of our indigenous people and ensure that their institutions, cultures and traditions are protected, and their development promoted.

(9) To promote the development and full use of the intellectual capacity, and the technological and entrepreneurial talents of all the people of Guyana.

(10) To contribute to the creation of a climate of peace, stability and social cohesion. The Party recognizes that such a climate is the basis for the economic prosperity of the nation.

(11) To maintain its commitment to the democratic ideal by ensuring the expression of the popular will and the good governance of Guyana.

(12) To establish links with relevant external organizations for the purpose of promoting bilateral relations, regional solidarity and integration, and advancing world peace.

(13) To support members of the Party as well as individuals and groups who are not Party members but whose objectives are consistent with those of the Party, for election to the National Assembly and the Local Democratic Organs.

(14) To co-operate with the local and overseas voluntary and Non-Governmental Organizations, in pursuance of the objectives of the Party and of the nation.