Christmas Message From the General Secretary Oscar Eleazer Clarke, Cllr.

My dear fellow citizens: The Leader, Central Executive Committee and all the members of the People's National Congress Reform take this opportunity to wish all the people of Guyana a most happy and peaceful Christmas.

We subscribe to the Christmas message of peace to all people of goodwill, as brought by the host of angels to the shepherds in the field on that blessed night two thousand years ago. It is our hope for you then, that there will be peace and tranquillity accompanied by all the traditional exchanges of greetings and gifts, together with the enjoyment of the many delights of the table that help to make a Guyanese Christmas so unique and special.

The People's National Congress/Reform recognizes that most Guyanese have for some time been experiencing constraints that could inhibit and restrict their ability to obtain the wherewithal for celebration and sharing freely in the joys of this season. We are confident that we will, with your help, be able to restore to all Guyanese, the confidence, comfort and courage that ought to be theirs as an inalienable right at all times.

Just as Christ the Prince of Peace, demonstrated an abhorrence of those who desecrated the temple and its precincts so long ago, we call upon all Guyanese at this time, to denounce and show a low tolerance for the corruption and improprieties condoned by those who ought instead to be promoting and maintaining an environment of lawful endeavour and propriety.

The People's National Congress Reform pledges to remain firm in its resolve to be in the forefront of the crusade for the restoration of a peaceful society; one in which no individual or group may feel free to despoil or demean any other group or individual.

It is our hope then, that you do enjoy the blessed season, whatever your limitations may be. We urge upon you to observe due moderation at all times, with an over-riding devotion to peace and goodwill towards all persons. May we go forward to future Christmases pledged and determined, like Christ himself, to banish from our sacred institutions those who harbour and display any disrespect for them and for us all, the people of this nation.

A peaceful, enjoyable Christmas to you all.