Christmas Message 2000 Hugh Desmond Hoyte, S.C.

My dear fellow Guyanese: Once again, the Christmas season is upon us. As is traditional, I, on behalf of PNC REFORM, take this opportunity to wish all of my fellow Guyanese and their loved ones, here and overseas, a peace-filled Christmas.

Despite the increasing difficulties we face as individuals and as a nation, I hope that, during the season, you will find peace and joy in true Guyanese spirit and custom. May your homes be blessed with warmth, love and the good tidings that the Christmas season brings.

For those of you who have been recently bereaved by the loss of close family members or friends, I extend my heartfelt personal condolences and those of my Party. May God grant you the fortitude to overcome your grief and to face the future with confidence and optimism.

When we think of Christmas, our hearts turn to our families. Let our hearts also encompass the entire Guyanese family in our nation. Christmas is a time of sharing, of reaching across the artificial divides in our society of race, religion, political beliefs, and social status.

As we celebrate, let us spare a thought for the young people in our society who, for the last 8 years, seem to have lost hope and can no longer see the horizon. My party, PNC REFORM, is dedicated to changing the fortunes of our nation for the benefit of all Guyanese and, more particularly, of our young people.

In this season of goodwill, let us also open our hearts to the growing number of poor and destitute among us. We must always reach out to them with our love and compassion at all times, but more so at this Christmas time.

Let us not lose confidence in our ability to overcome the many difficulties that we face daily. Our nation can and will be a stronger and more prosperous one in the years ahead. Guyana can rise again with the new and visionary leadership that my Party, PNC REFORM is prepared to offer.

It is with this assurance that I once again wish you, on behalf of my Party, joy, happiness, peace and good cheer at this Christmastide and in the years ahead.