Birth Anniversary of the Founder Leader Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham Hugh Desmond Hoyte, S.C.

Message from Mr. Hugh Desmond Hoyte on the occasion of a concert in honour of the Birth Anniversary of the Founder Leader, Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, S.C., O. E.,
First Prime Minister and First Executive President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana

Cde Chairman, Cde General Secretary, Cde Viola Burnham, Cdes
and friends. The birth anniversary of our founder leader, Forbes
Burnham is an appropriate occasion for us to call to mind many
of the principles for which he stood and for which he worked. We
recall that he was very keen on arts and culture and on maintaining
high standards in all their manifestations. He would have loved and
appreciated an occasion such as this. It is therefore most appropriate
that his memory should be revered in the form of this cultural
presentation arranged by the Georgetown district of our party.

I wish to congratulate all those who will perform and contribute to
this occasion. I would very much have wished to be with you
enjoying and relishing the many performances which are part of
tonight's programme. At this time, however, we are also engaged
in an important struggle alongside our comrades in arms from the
Reform grouping in ensuring that our alliance is victorious at the
forthcoming elections and that we rescue the nation from its
parlous state.

We all suffer the indignity of being governed by an illegal corrupt
and incompetent regime which has not only stifled our development
and economic growth but also reintroduced divisiveness and
nepotism on a grand scale. Our national crisis requires a great
effort from all of us if victory is to be assured. Let us use the occasion
of this anniversary to strengthen our unity, sharpen our political
weapons, and increase our vigilance. We should leave an occasion
such as this inspired to complete the great task of nation building
that Forbes Burnham began.

Forbes Burnham believed passionately in the development
possibilities of our republic and in our destiny to overcome poverty
and take our rightful place in the world as a prosperous and
respected nation. We owe it to his memories as well as to our
children and grandchildren to make his dream a reality. I wish you
a very pleasant and successful evening.