PNC 12th Biennial Congress

In another three weeks -- from August 25-27 – the twelfth (12th) Biennial Congress of the People's National Congress will convene here at Congress Place, Sophia under the theme “PNC – Ready to Rescue the Nation”.

As you members of the media will recall, the Party by resolution of its General Council dated Sunday 8th August 1999, decided to reschedule its Biennial Congress which was due last year to this year in order to ensure the best use of its resources by having a pre-election Congress to mobilize and galvanise its forces, so to speak, in our thrust to Rescue the Nation after waging a successful campaign and winning the forthcoming elections.

Our 12th Biennial Congress, therefore, will being together some two thousand delegates and observers (Party members) who will be representatives of their groups throughout the ten regions of Guyana as well as special invitees and friends. Because this Congress will be devoted to preparations for elections no fraternal delegations have been invited to attend. Over the past several months our members, from both coastal and hinterland regions, have been busily preparing themselves to participate meaningfully in the
deliberations of Congress.

The Special General Council Meeting which was held on Saturday April 29 – 2000 discussed the implications of the new Electoral System and agreed the tasks to be undertaken and the structures necessary for facilitating their implementation. Discussions at this Congress will further enhance the work already done as well as clarify strategies for Campaign 2001.Each region has been allocated a financial target as a contribution towards the overall Congress Budget and indications are that are well
on the way to achieving their targets.

Meanwhile, nominations for Party Officers have been submitted from Party Groups in accordance with our Constitution and indications are that there will be several contestants for the various leadership positions. At the close of nominations, Mr. Hugh Desmond Hoyte is the only nominee for the position of Party Leader.

This Congress will also elect a member of the party to the position of Successor Party Leader in keeping with the decision of the party’s General Council of December 11, 1999. In accordance with that decision our Party Groups have made nominations and the process of interviewing and short listing of the Candidates who will be eligible for election to this position will soon be undertaken by a Committee of Elders of our party.

In terms of physical preparations for the Congress work, this is at present proceeding apace to extend the Congress Auditorium in order to accommodate the anticipated increase in the number of participants. Refurbishing of the main Secretarial building as well as other ancillary buildings is also taking place. A plan for the decoration of the auditorium and the compound has been conceptualized and our team of decorators has already begun work. As regards accommodation of delegates, especially those from the hinterland regions, suitable accommodation at a venue closely has already been secured and we are at present endeavouring to ensure that it is in a state of readiness for the occasion.


On Friday 25th August there will be a Ceremonial Opening Session which will feature various cultural items including the Congress” Theme Song. Participants will be drawn mainly from the Party’s Youth and Women sections. A few artistes will also be featured on this programme. The Highlight of the afternoon’s programme will be an Address by the Party’s Leader, Mr. Hugh Desmond Hoyte. Other programme items for the ensuing days, Sat 26th and Sunday 27th will include:

The General Secretary’s Report Presentation and Discussion on Elections Campaign 2000/2001, GYSM and NCW Conferences, Questions and Motions.

The Congress culminates with a massive rally at the Square of the Revolution where the Party’s Leader will inform the nation on the major decisions of the Congress. This rally will be preceded by a march from the Congress Venue to the Square of the Revolution.

At this time the People's National Congress wishes to record its thanks and appreciation to all those individuals and organizations that have been supporting our efforts in preparation for what would undoubtedly be a landmark Congress. Enthusiasm is at fever pitch and all indications are pointing to a successful Congress and a grand launching of our Election Campaign 2000/2001.

Oscar Clarke, General Secretary
People's National Congress
August 3, 2000