PM pays tribute to Hoyte By Richard Lord Monday, December 23, 2002

PRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning yesterday paid a warm tribute to the former president of Guyana Desmond Hoyte who died from a heart attack at his Georgetown home yesterday morning. Hoyte, 72, was also the leader of Guyana’s main opposition People’s National Congress.

Manning said Hoyte “had made his contribution in Guyana at a critical time.”

Noting that Hoyte had replaced the late Forbes Burnham as leader of Guyana, Manning praised him as “the leader in Guyana who set the Guyanese electoral system right, for which he will be remembered.”

Manning who said he would most likely attend Hoyte’s funeral further told the Express that Hoyte “was a personal friend of mine.”

He extended condolences to Hoyte’s family on behalf of his family and the ruling PNM.

And Chairman of the UNC Wade mark also spoke highly of Hoyte, Mark told the Express that despite the differences politicians may have “when a human being passes on it is always a tragic loss.”

Mark said he last spoke with Hoyte in April this year on flight to New York, and added:

“Hoyte might have had his differences but one must never forget that it was under him that Guyana was able to have the first free and fair elections.”

He said Hoyte’s “place in history is sketched. He was the man who laid the basis for a kind of democratic intervention that led to the first free and fair elections that saw the emergency of Cheddi Jagan as President of Guyana.”