Hoyte’s contributions indelible’ - TUF Stabroeknews - Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Manzoor Nadir on behalf of The United Force has extended his sympathy to Mrs Joyce Hoyte and the Chairman, Executives and members of the People’s National Congress Reform on the passing of Opposition Leader Desmond Hoyte.

According to Nadir, the late Hoyte has made an “unselfish and monumental contribution” to Guyana, one that will be “recorded in our history with much reverence”. Nadir declared Hoyte’s more than three decades of public life to be one that is “matched by only a few, past and present.”
Nadir further stated that for The United Force, the late Hoyte will be remembered as the President of Change, with his embracing of the free market economy and his commitment to having free and fair elections, rendering his contributions “indelible” in our history.