Human rights group extends condolences on Hoyte’s death Stabroeknews - Tuesday, December 24, 2002

The achievements of the late President Desmond Hoyte become better appreciated with the passing of time. So said the Guyana Human Rights Association yesterday in its condolence message on the passing of Hoyte on Sunday.

According to the association, the high point of Hoyte’s achievements was “undoubtedly” his courage in returning Guyana to political and economic normalcy at a time when “many in his party were not yet ready to appreciate such a move”. The association said that Hoyte approached politics as a “responsibility rather than opportunity”, never attempting to turn his progressive decisions into “personal triumphs”. It further went on to describe his leadership qualities as those of “another age: rectitude, a stickler for procedures, wedded to a concpicuously modest life-style”. The human rights body added that his loss comes at a time when the PNCR is seeking resolution of the national political crisis.