Private Sector Commission mourns Hoyte Stabroeknews - Wednesday, December 25, 2002

The Private Sector Commission and its constituent members have offered their condolences to Mrs Joyce Hoyte and the Central Executive Committee and members of the PNCR at the passing of Hugh Desmond Hoyte, former Executive President of Guyana.

According to the Commission, Hoyte will be remembered for the shift in paradigm from socialist doctrine and socialist oriented policies to a free market economy with room and space for the private sector. His quest for democracy also led to fundamental changes in the election process and ushered in a new government.
The Commission further stated that, even though his political and economic achievements were somewhat “dented” by the change in political administration, that did not prevent him from “continuing his drive; ...moving his party to the middle road, while searching for avenues of shared governance through dialogue.” The Commission further declared that Hoyte continually searched for partnerships in development between the Private Sector and the State Sector and his death will leave a “void” in Guyana’s political affairs.