CCWU salutes Hoyte Stabroeknews - Wednesday, December 25, 2002

The Clerical and Commercial Workers’ Union has extended condolences to Mrs Joyce Hoyte and the People’s National Congress Reform on the sudden passing of Desmond Hoyte, former President and leader of the PNCR.

The union stated that Hoyte, who once served as legal advisor to the CCWU, always gave “sound” advice and helped the Union to overcome certain legal obstacles. He also distinguished himself as an able Minister of Government in several capacities. The union described him as having a “knack for hard work” and said that he proved himself to be an astute politician. According to the union, it was his “brilliant leadership” as President that paved the way for Guyana’s return to democracy. Even though Hoyte’s passing has left a “void”, the union stated that his colleagues in the PNCR must seize the initiative to work with all the other political parties to bring peace and to move the nation forward.