Submitted by: Mr. Robert H O Corbin, MPLeader of the Opposition
Seconded by: Mr. Basil Williams, MP


WHEREAS on Tuesday July 28 and on Wednesday July 29, in a New York Court, Selwyn Vaughn, a witness under protection of the US Government, gave sworn testimony which provided essential information about, the assassination of prominent journalist and activist, Mr. Ronald Waddle; the murder of over two hundred Guyanese youth by a phantom squad, headed by Roger Khan with the support of the Guyana Government; the complicity of the Guyana Government and named Officials, including the incumbent Minister of Health, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy;

AND WHEREAS this testimony stated, inter alia, that the Government of Guyana through its Minister Leslie Ramsammy authorized the purchase of a “spy computer” by self confessed drug lord, Roger Khan, which had the capacity to intercept telephone calls and, by a process of triangulation, identify the location of the callers;

AND WHEREAS the said evidence impugns the integrity of the Government of Guyana, infers breaches of the Guyana Constitution and the functioning of institutions of the State that are bound by the provisions of the Guyana Constitution;

AND WHEREAS since 1993, Guyana witnessed numerous gangland style murders where more than four hundred persons were executed in strange circumstances by an alleged phantom squad, managed by self confessed drug lord Roger Khan, under the alleged control and direction of a PPP Government Minister of Home Affairs;

AND WHEREAS in December 2002, Roger Khan and seven other persons, including a serving member of the Guyana Police Force, Sean Benfield, were arrested at Good Hope with arms and ammunition and a high-tech computer, capable of intercepting telephone calls;

AND WHEREAS by the end of 2003, the nation recorded the staggering and unacceptable fact of 205 murders with less than 15% of them solved with all pointing to the denigration and disappearance of the sacred doctrine of the rule of law;

AND WHEREAS by January 2008, the high-level involvement of senior functionaries in crime, the drug trade and murder for hire were well publicised in the media in Guyana;

AND WHEREAS among those executed were a Government Minister, Mr. Sash Sawh and the former Head of the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit, CANU, Mr. Vibert Inniss and there was no publicized investigation by either the Security Forces or the Government in the death of the latter;

AND WHEREAS, in 2004, the PNCR provided further information, including sworn Affidavits and video tape recordings from potential witnesses, on Mr. Shaheed Khan, AKA Roger Khan and “The Contractor”, which could have assisted the Police in commencing an investigation, but both the Guyana Police Force and the Government refused to act;

AND WHEREAS despite these developments, Mr. Roger Khan was permitted to function as an untouchable in Guyana while obtaining special facilities from the Government which, until after his arrest by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency, claimed that he was an honest businessman;

AND WHEREAS the Government of Guyana has shown a continued refusal over several years to undertake inquiries into these serious matters affecting the stability of the state, despite frequent call by the PNCR and other organisations in Guyana;

AND WHEREAS the Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force and the Commissioner of Police appear to be mindful of their oath of office and the discharge their statutory and constitutional responsibility in matters which had grave implications for the rule of law, the safety of citizens and national security;

AND WHEREAS the Guyana Police Force (GPF), because of their alleged complicity, could not be entrusted with the sole responsibility of conducting a thorough investigation into these matters;

AND WHEREAS despite these issues have been in the public domain for several years, the sworn testimony and depositions from the trials of Roger Khan and Robert Simels provide the first available evidence albeit in a Court of Law in the USA;

AND WHEREAS in the past two years there have been several allegations of torture of citizens by members of the Guyana Defence Force and the Guyana Police Force with no serious investigation undertaken by the Government, notwithstanding these allegations have been supported by various reports by the Guyana Human Rights Association and statements by victims;

BE IT RESOLVED that the National Assembly supports the demand by the Joint Opposition Parties [Alliance For Change (AFC); Guyana Action Party (GAP); National Front Alliance (NFA); Peoples National Congress/Reform (PNCR) and the Working People’s Alliance (WPA)] for an International Inquiry into matters involving grave human rights violations including, but not confined to extra-judicial killings of hundreds of mainly young male adult Guyanese, allegedly by a cabal consisting of Government officials in the executive, security and intelligence branches of the state, political bosses of the ruling party (Peoples Progressive Party/Civic – PPP/C), working in consort with their allies in organized crime; and, torture, degrading and inhuman treatment conducted against Guyanese citizens by arms of the country’s Security Forces (Guyana Defence Force – GDF, Guyana Police Force – GPF and the Guyana Prison Service).

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this National Assembly support the appointment of an International Inquiry to investigate the serious allegations that have been made about the state’s involvement in extrajudicial killings, torture and other human rights violations and related matters with terms of reference to be drafted by a special select Committee of the National Assembly.
Robert H. O. Corbin, MP

Basil Williams