PRESS RELEASE People's National Congress Reform Congress Place Sophia Sunday, December 5, 2004

The People’s National Congress Reform, today, Sunday December 5, 2004, held its annual Christmas luncheon for Party Stalwarts and Senior Citizens in Region # 5, Mahaica/Berbice, at the Mahaicony Secondary School, where Party Leader Mr. Robert Corbin, M.P. and members of the Central Executive Committee served lunch to more than 250 senior citizens.

This annual Christmas luncheon for senior citizens was organised by the Human Services Department, which is headed by Director, Human Services, Ms. Volda Lawrence, M. P. Leader of the Party, Mr. Robert H.O. Corbin, M.P., took the opportunity to thank the seniors for their dedicated contribution to the development of the People’s National Congress Reform. He noted that the strength of the Party today was as a result of the solid foundation built by them.

The Chairman of the Party, Mr. Winston Murray, CCH, M.P. and Central Executive Committee Members Dr. Dalgleish Joseph, M.P. and Mr. Joseph Hamilton assisted the Leader in presenting Christmas gifts and Certificates of Appreciation to the senior citizens for their dedicated and resolute service. Director of Human Services and Welfare, Ms. Volda Lawrence, M.P, National Chairperson, National Congress of Women, Ms. Cheryl Sampson, and Members of Parliament Ms. Amna Ally and Ms. Genevieve Allen were among the organizers of the programme.

The formal programme was chaired by Region 5 Central Executive Committee Representative, Ms. Jennifer Wade. Prayers were offered by Ms. Orinthia Woolford. Greetings were brought by the Vice Chairman of Region # 5; Mr. W. Gravesande and Regional Secretary, Ms. Carol Joseph gave the appreciation. The gathering sang Christmas carols and choruses, while some danced to the rhythms provided by the drummers from Weldaad, West Coast Berbice.

Meanwhile the National Congress of Women, the women’s arm of the Party, will host its annual Children’s Christmas party for some 300 children from the Canje, New Amsterdam and East Bank Berbice areas on Saturday December 11, 2004 at the New Amsterdam Town Hall.

Leader, Mr. Corbin, M. P. poses with the two eldest senior citizens in the gathering, both of whom are ninety-nine years of age. To the Leader’s left is William Carmichael and to his right is Edward Halley.

Leader, Mr. Robert Corbin, M. P. spreads Christmas Cheer to Senior Citizens of Region 5.

Leader of the PNCR distributes a Certificate of Appreciation and Gift to Jean De Abreu.

Party Chairman, Mr. Winston Murray, CCH, M. P., giving out Certificates of Appreciation and Gifts to Senior Citizens.

People's National Congress Reform
Congress Place
Sunday, December 5, 2004