PRESS RELEASE People’s National Congress Reform Flood Crisis Centre February 18, 2005

The Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform and Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, Mr. Robert Corbin MP, left Guyana on the February 17, 2005 for the Tri-State area, U.S.A, in response to an invitation by a group of the Party.

Mr. Corbin is expected, during the course of his visit, to bring the Guyanese Diaspora up to date on the recent disastrous floods on the coast of Guyana and its aftermath. Among other things, he will inform Guyanese overseas of the strenuous efforts made by him and his Party, in the wake of the unprecedented rainfall and flooding, to have a group of experts appointed to define response to this situation and therefore remove it from the realm of partisan politics. In addition, Mr. Corbin will outline the activities undertaken by his Party in terms of the creation of a Crisis Centre and the distribution of hampers of food and water to residents of the affected communities.

One of the critical areas of concentration for the Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform as he addresses the Overseas Guyanese will be a reiteration of his Party’s position that now that the flood waters have receded and subsided, the Government of the day is under a moral obligation not only to take measures to ensure that the flooding does not reoccur but also to take action, on the basis of advice tendered by the Dutch Engineers, to strengthen and rehabilitate the East Demerara Water Conservancy Dam (E.D.W.C) and prepare for the May/June rains. A related consideration will be the establishment of a National Relief Programme to compensate those who have suffered losses as result of the floods, especially the members of the farming community. Mr. Corbin will also stress that despite the lowering of water levels, Guyanese, especially those on the East Coast, still face formidable problems in trying to return to a normal existence.

Mr. Corbin is expected to return to Guyana next week.

People’s National Congress Reform
Flood Crisis Centre
February 18, 2005