PRESS RELEASE Georgetown District Awards and Mentorship Scheme Wednesday, 31 December 2008

CONTACT: Mr. Vincent Alexander (227-7562 or 222-5575)

Fourth Batch of Mentees to be inducted at Georgetown District Awards and Mentorship Scheme’s Fourth Induction Ceremony: Concert Hall of City Hall on Sunday 9th October.

The Georgetown District Awards and Mentorship Scheme (GDAMS) will induct its fourth batch of Mentees at its Fourth Induction Ceremony to be held at the Concert Hall of the Georgetown City Hall, on Sunday, 9th October 2005, at 17:00hrs.
The Mentorship Scheme, first established in 2001, seeks to improve the lives of students who were awarded places at secondary schools as a result of having been successful at the SSEE examinations. Over the past two years it has been working with some fifty-four Mentees in what can be described as “classroom” sessions as well as outdoor contact sessions that involve visits to Heritage sites in Georgetown, an annual away-from-home Camp, Sports Days and Community Development Projects. The Mentees have engaged in service to the elderly, having served lunch at the Palms in July of this year, and they have also repainted three pedestrian crossings outside city schools – Comenius Moravian Primary School, St. Ambrose Primary School, and St. Gabriel’s Primary School. Professionals from several disciplines have been working with the Mentees and their parents to enhance their quality of life.
At this years Induction Ceremony some 45 youths are expected to become the Scheme’s newest members.