To: Managing Editors – all media houses.

CONTACT: Mr. Vincent Alexander (227-7562 or 222-5575)

Dear Editor,

Re: Fourth Batch of Mentees to be inducted at Georgetown District Awards and Mentorship Scheme’s Fourth Induction Ceremony: Concert Hall of City Hall on Sunday 9th October.

Please accept this invitation to attend the Fourth Induction Ceremony of the Georgetown District Awards and Mentorship Scheme (GDAMS) to be held at the Concert Hall of the Georgetown City Hall, on Sunday, 9th October 2005, at 17:00hrs.
In these times when so many seem to be giving up on our youths, GDAMS would appreciate the presence your presence and the coverage of this activity. We feel that every opportunity should be provided to highlight the commitment of institutions such as ours that are working to positively impact tomorrow’s leaders.

Yours Sincerely

Frederick Granger