PRESS RELEASE People’s National Congress Reform Congress Place, Sophia, Georgetown, Guyana. Friday, July 29, 2005

On Friday, July 22, 2005, the Party Leader and a delegation visited the Grove/Haslington neighbourhood on the East Coast of Demerara. The delegation consisted of the following members of the Central Executive Committee and members of the Regional Democratic Council: the General Secretary, Mr. Oscar Clarke, Mrs. Clarissa Riehl MP, Mrs. Deborah Backer MP, Mr. Joseph Hamilton, Mr. Hamley Case, Mr. Vincent Alexander MP, Mr. James McAllister MP, Ms. Melanie Cornette, Mr. Aubrey Norton, Mr. Ernest Elliott and Mr. Earl Lambert.

Individual members of the Executive and the delegation toured various communities within the neighbourhood. In their interaction with the people of the communities the Leader and his delegation were able to determine that many residents were still trying to cope with the aftermath of the flood and had not received the promised flood relief by the government. They described a situation which was characterised by bureaucratic red tape and inefficiency. There were also problems related to drainage, the poor condition of the roads, and the lack of proper lighting on the streets. One of the main concerns of the residents was the fact that the transports for the lots which they had purchased had been long outstanding but which are now available. However, to obtain the transport residents had to pay ten thousand dollars ($10,000) to complete a survey of the lots. The Party Leader urged residents to make the payment so that they could obtain their transports.

The activities in Grove/Haslington neighbourhood culminated with a meeting at the Golden Grove Secondary School, which was well attended. After persons attending the meeting was allowed one hour to raise issues and makes suggestions for improvement of conditions in the area, Mr. Corbin responded to every question and pointed the way towards their solution.

His well thought out presentation was equally well received. Among other things, he informed the residents that he understood the difficulties they were encountering in obtaining flood relief and that the Party will continue to lend its support to them in seeking to achieve a positive result. He however urged them to document the number of people who were registered and were given slips, whether white or green in color and who to date have not received the promised relief from the State, so that the Party could make further representation on this matter.

Turning to the economy, the Party Leader said that he recognised the difficulties the residents were encountering due to the high cost of living but it was important for them to continue to work and support the Party so that it can operate in their best interest. On the elections, Mr. Corbin again emphasised the need for a clean list, house to house registration and the introduction of biometric features. The Party Leader, a former youth leader himself, urged the youths to ensure that they register as soon as the process begins. He also urged the adults to help ensure that all the youths get register.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia,
Georgetown, Guyana.
Friday, July 29, 2005