PRESS RELEASE Georgetown District Awards and Mentorship Scheme Wednesday, August 31, 2005

CONTACT: Mr. Vincent Alexander (227-7562 or 222-5575)

The Georgetown District SSEE Awards and Mentorship Scheme’s Mentees’ Community Projects and August Holiday Camp, 2005.

On Saturday, July 16, 2005, Mentees of the Georgetown District Awards and Mentorship Scheme accompanied by members of the Scheme’s Directorate, served lunch to thirty seven inmates of Ward 4 at the Palms. The elders happily engaged their lunches after a short prayer by the Mentees and Mrs. Sandra Hooper, Treasurer of the Scheme.

This Community Service Project was the first such undertaken this year by the Mentees and was aimed at aiding their understanding of the plight of the less fortunate in our society while encouraging the spirit of compassion towards the elderly who live in such circumstances. The directorate has undertaken to make community outreach activities like this an annual feature for the youngsters in its charge.

From July 31st to August 7, 2005, some 42 Mentees along with seven of their peers from the CEPHAS youth Group of the Church of The Transfiguration shared a camp experience at the Seventh Day Adventist camp facility at Goshen on the West Bank of the Essequibo River. This was the second GDAMS August Holiday Camp which saw the involvement of another youth organisation. It provided the unique opportunity for the Mentees to visit a region of Guyana to which many of them had never travelled to before. They were also able to interact, socialise and learn in this new environment while meeting the people who made it their home.

At the Camp these youths were engaged in academic type sessions in which they discussed and made group presentations on issues such as “Health Issues affecting Youth today”; “What children want from parents”; and “Youth and Discipline”; played indoor games and outdoor games and went hiking.

On Sunday, August 28th, the Mentees once again undertook another Community Project when they re-painted the pedestrian crossing outside the Comenius Moravian Primary School in Queenstown, Georgetown. In two weeks time they will undertake the painting of at least two more pedestrian crossings outside of schools in the same neighbourhood.

The Georgetown District Awards and Mentorship Scheme which is moving into its fourth operational year, utilises the services of several professionals in fields of Social Work, Medicine, Education, Religion, Administration, and Business to provides academic, moral, and positive value-oriented support for as many as seventy youths and their parents from across Georgetown and its environs. It is currently preparing its work programme for the next operational year which will commence with the induction of the fourth group of Mentees October this year.

Vincent Alexander MP.