PRESS RELEASE TROTMAN IS DISQUALIFIED FROM BEING A MEMBER OF NATIONAL ASSEMBLY People’s National Congress Reform Congress Place, Sophia Georgetown October 20, 2005

The Leader of the PNCR and Representative of the PNCR List of Candidates has today invited the Speaker of the National Assembly to make a declaration that, in accordance with Article 156 (3) of the Constitution, Mr. Raphael Trotman is no longer qualified to be a member of the National Assembly and that, in the absence of his resignation, his seat should be declared vacant.

Article 156 (3) of the Constitution states,

“A member of the National Assembly elected on a list shall be disqualified from being a member of the Assembly, if he or she, in the prescribed manner, declares that he or she will not support the list from which his or her name was extracted or, declares that he or she abstain from supporting that list or, declares his or her support for another List.”

The PNCR had hoped that the norms of ethical behavior would have prevailed and that Mr. Trotman would have by now resigned his seat as a PNCR Member of Parliament. However, to date he has failed to do so. On October 14, after a telephone conversation with Mr. Trotman on the subject of his resignation, the Leader of the PNCR formally wrote to Mr. Trotman indicating that the Parliamentary recess had ended and that the Party was ready to execute its National Assembly programme. He therefore invited Mr. Trotman to take the appropriate action in keeping with his formal communication with the Party. Regrettably, the reply from Mr. Trotman dated October 19th 2005, gave no indication of his intention to take immediate action.

On Friday May 27, 2005 Mr. Raphael Trotman formally tendered his resignation to the General Secretary as a member of the PNCR with immediate effect. On the aforesaid day he also formally advised the Leader of the PNCR that he had resigned from the PNCR.

In keeping with his resignation from the Party, Mr. Trotman, by Letters dated June 1, 2005, formally indicated to the Chairpersons of the Standing Committee For Constitutional Reform and the Special Select Committee For the Implementation of the Disciplined Services Commission Report on which he represented the PNCR List that he was resigning as a member of the said Committees.

It is evident that Mr. Trotman has, by his letters and actions, declared that he will no longer support the PNCR List.

On May 25, 2005, when Mr. Trotman formally notified the Leadership of the PNCR of his intention to resign from the Party, he was informed by both the Party Leader and its Chairman that the PNCR has never stood in the way of any member pursuing his/her personal interests, since the philosophy of the Party is grounded in the principles of freedom of expression and association. It has been five months since Mr. Trotman resigned from the PNCR, resigned from the Parliamentary sub-committees on which he represented the PNCR and publicly announced his intention of launching a new political Party. Mr. Trotman has also been absent from the last eleven Sittings of the National Assembly. The Party therefore expected that Mr. Trotman would act in conformity with his declared high ethical and moral standards. Regrettably he has failed to do so, but the PNCR has a responsibility to pursue the interests of its members throughout Guyana.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia
October 20, 2005