The Annual Regional Delegates Conference of Region 3, West Demerara/Essequibo Islands, of the People’s National Congress Reform was held on Sunday, October 21st last at the Vreed en Hoop Secondary School. The Conference was attended by over two hundred delegates from the Region and heard addresses by PNCR Leader, Mr. Robert Corbin and Party Chairman, Mr. Winston Murray.

In his address, Mr. Corbin dealt extensively with the question of the unity of the Party and emphasized that it was key to the rejuvenation of its support base and the Party, if the Party is to be repositioned for the next fifty (50) years. He explained that while the Party had tremendous successes during its existence there were several difficulties which had to be overcome. The issue of unity has always been of concern and had to be addressed in several ways in the past, including extreme disciplinary actions, but, it is to the credit of the Party that these problems have always been overcome in due course. He had no doubt that the present difficulties which the Party is experiencing would soon be overcome but emphasized that all involved must demonstrate a commitment to put Party before self interest. Among the immediate challenges for the Party was the adequate preparation for the house-to-house registration exercise and the Local Government Elections. He told the delegates that the Local Government Elections are crucial to Guyana’s future and therefore emphasis will have to be placed on the relevant preparations. In this context too he referred to the inter-relationship between the Local Government Elections and success at the forthcoming General Elections in 2011.

Basing itself on the themes set out by the Party Leader, the Conference examined the questions of house-to-house registration and Local Government Elections and other issues of a political, social and economic nature, which are affecting the people of Guyana. The Conference also focused on issues that are of specific concern to the people of Region 3 such as the education system, the need for employment and the supply of water and electricity. These issues were rigorously debated and carefully analysed within the context of an effective programme to deal with these burning issues affecting constituents.

Elections for the new Regional committee were held and those elected included, Mr. Meryvn Williams, M.P., Chairman, Mr. Rudolph Holder, Vice-Chairman, Ms. Hazelene King, Secretary, Mr. Frank Gill, Treasurer and Mr. Mark Walkes, Regional Representative to the Central Executive Committee.

In delivering the charge at the conclusion of the Conference, Party Chairman, Mr. Winston Murray urged the elected officers and the participants to renew their energies to ensure that the aspirations of the people of Guyana will be advanced by their efforts in the various communities in Region 3. He emphasized the need for unity and the reaching out for non-traditional supporters.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia,
Georgetown, Guyana
Monday, October 22, 2007