PRESS RELEASE Office the President General Guyana Labour Union 17 November 2007

Members from three (3) branches of the Guyana Labour Union, namely, the St Joseph Mercy Hospital, the National Milling Co. and the Guyana Defence Force filed a writ in the High Court on Friday 16 November 2007. Among the defendants are, The President General, the President, Mr. Carvil Duncan and the Guyana Labour Union.

(a) “a declaration that the conduct of the Elections of the Guyana Labour Union purported to be held for the Officers and members of the National Executive Council during the month of October 2007 were in contravention of the Rules of the Union and are null, void and of no Legal effect.
(b) A declaration that the failure of the General Secretary to properly distribute information on the elections for the Officers and members of the GLU for the Triennial conference held in October 2007 to the NAMILCO, Mercy Hospital and Guyana Defence Force Branches of the Union amount to a deprivation of the rights of the members of the said branches to participate in the affairs of the Union consequently the purported elections were flawed , null and void and of no legal effect;
(c) A declaration that the failure of the duly appointed Returning Officer to make any declaration of the results of the purported Elections of the Guyana Labour Union for the triennium 2007 to 2010 is in breach of the Rules of the Guyana Labour Union;
(d) An interim injunction restraining the defendants by themselves their servants or their agents and each and every one of them from making any declaration on the results of the aforesaid purported elections unless and until a determination is made by this Honourable Court;

(e) An Injunction restraining the General Secretary of the Union from carrying out any activities on behalf of the Union including the use of Union Funds unless and until this Honourable Court determines the interim arrangements for the management of the Union’s Affairs during the determination of the matters herein;
(f) An injunction restraining the Defendants from purporting to hold any National Executive Council meeting unless all the members of that body elected at the Triennial Congress of 2004 are duly notified and in attendance;
(g) An injunction restraining the General Secretary and the National Executive Council from proceeding to hold a meeting of the National Executive Council on Saturday November 17th unless the duly elected President and President General are allowed to participate therein;
(h) An Order directing that the Elected Officers and members of the National Executive Council who were elected at the Triennial Conference of 2004 be permitted to conduct the affairs of the Union until a determination of the matters herein.
(i) Such further or other Orders as the Court may deem fit.
(j) Costs”

A duly constituted meeting of the National Executive Council (NEC) was summoned by General Secretary Mr. Duncan for Saturday 17 November 2007 at 9:30 am, at which a number of matters affecting the Union, including calling into account the stewardship of the General Secretary were to be dealt with. Surprisingly, some of the members of the Executive who turned up for the meeting today, including a Vice President and an Assistant General Secretary of the Union were advised by a guard that the meeting was cancelled and that another meeting, to which they were not invited, was surreptiously held with a few persons the night before, Friday 16 November 2007.

It is the view of those members who were not invited, that this meeting was called by Mr. Duncan to avoid the presentation of the report of the Returning Officer and also the presentation of financial and other reports which were requested.

The President General, Mr. Robert Corbin, in a letter to all members of the NEC reaffirmed that he was a member of the Union in good standing, a situation that was confirmed by Mr. Duncan, himself. In his letter Mr. Corbin stated:

“…Let me state that this is totally inaccurate and deliberately intended by Mr. Duncan to avoid scrutiny of his performance in the management of the Union Affairs. In any event, such a belated discovery which has serious implications for the Union should have been brought to the attention of members of the NEC at a duly constituted meeting to permit proper examination of Mr. Duncan’s claim.”

“It is easy, if not disingenuous, for Mr. Duncan, as keeper of the records of the Union, to claim that he has, “found no evidence” which is supposed to be in his exclusive control. Consequently, his claim is self-serving and most inaccurate. I state for the record that I was elected by the membership of the Union to serve as President General until December 31, 2007 and I propose to do so.”

“I am a member in good standing and Mr Duncan himself confirmed this. It is not for me at this stage to satisfy the whim and fancies of Mr Duncan who is a servant of the National Executive Committee and not vice versa.”

Mr. Corbin also circulated the Report of the Returning Officer for the benefit of members.

He reaffirmed that he is legitimately the President General of the Guyana Labour Union and that he intends to carry out his functions and not allow the Guyana Labour Union to be ruined by the whims and fancies of Mr. Duncan, who seemed to have had exceptional backing from his masters.

Office the President General
Guyana Labour Union
17 November 2007