On the occasion of the 38th Anniversary of Republican status, the People’s National Congress Reform is pleased to extend greetings and good wishes to all of the people of Guyana as they celebrate this important national event.

Even as the Party does so, it is deeply conscious that this anniversary does not find the country in a state which can be described as peaceful, lawful, progressive and calculated to bring out the best in Guyana and its people. The killings at Lusignan, on 26th January 2008, and those at Bartica, on 17th February 2008, have thrown dark shadows across the political and social landscape of the country and forced this nation to take a careful look at itself. It is painfully obvious that the deep and abiding respect for human life seems to have been dissipated.

The anniversary of the Republic is an occasion for measuring the progress made since Guyana took its destiny into its own hands. By any such measurement, it must be clear that we, as a nation, are headed in the wrong direction.

For Guyana to get back on track and to set its course for progress and prosperity, all of the stakeholders, in the nation, must, together, urgently agree a national consensus on what must be done to end the scourge of criminality and violence.

The PNCR makes no apology for repeating, on this occasion, that the PPP/C Administration has an obligation to craft a definite, comprehensive and time bound national plan, which is informed by, among other documents, the report and recommendations of the Disciplined Forces Commission (DFC), the Symmonds Report and the Security Sector Reform Action Plan.

The PNCR believes that such a plan could arrest the slide into the abyss of destruction, brought on by criminal activity and the fast growing culture of drug-driven and funded criminal enterprises. The improved security of this nation is a pre-condition for its growth and development.

Should the Jagdeo Administration see the wisdom of this course of action and bring on board all of the stakeholders, in a meaningful and practical way, then, there is no reason why, by the next anniversary of the Republic, we, as a nation, should not be able to proudly claim that we have, not only slain the dragon of violent organised crime and reduced the influence and incidence of narco funded activity, but also have begun to change course for creating a peaceful and prosperous country.

As a nation, we must also bring under control: corruption; the continued lawlessness in high places; the intolerance of views, other than those expressed by the Administration; and the sense of despair and the feeling of hopelessness that is currently afflicting, particularly, the young people of this nation.

The time for action is now.

Guyanese simply cannot afford to leave our country hostage to those who engage in criminal activities, of all kinds, and those whose only ideology seems to be to destroy the political, economic and social fabric of the nation.

In the circumstances, the PNCR wishes, the Guyanese people, a prayerful holiday, during which we are visited by the spirit of peace, love and unity, as we, together, mark the occasion of the 38th Anniversary of the achievement of Republican status.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia
Georgetown, Guyana.
Thursday, February 21, 2008