The PNCR has today written the Guyana Police Force (GPF) expressing its grave concern over their repeated refusal to respond in a timely manner to requests by the Party for legitimate political activity. The actions by the GPF can only be deemed as deliberate attempts to undermine the PNCR and violate the exercise of its constitutional rights.

The PNCR finds it necessary, therefore to draw to the attention of its members, supporters, and the general public the fact that the Guyana Police Force seems hell bent on preventing the Party from exercising its political and constitutional rights as enshrined in the constitution. The Party reiterates that the attitude and activities of the GPF towards this end are centrally controlled by the PPP political directorate.

Since May 20th, 2008 the Party applied to Assistant Commissioner, `A’ Division’ for permission to hold a march and rally on the 29th May, 2008. Up to the time of this release approximately 18:30 hrs on Tuesday May 27th, no response had been received from the Police as to whether permission would be granted. It follows that the PNCR is unable at this late stage to properly advise its members and supporters. The Party has therefore rescheduled its march which was planned for Thursday May 29th to Tuesday June 3rd. Another march is also planned for Thursday June 5. Police permission has again been applied for in accordance with the law.

The Party has had cause in the past to bring to the attention of the Police that the grant or refusal of permission for its marches and rallies is often received so late that it undermines the organisation, proper advertisement and adequate management of the event.

The PNCR condemns these underhand and politically motivated shenanigans. The intention is obvious and cannot be denied. The PNCR will however not allow the PPP to undermine the exercise of its constitutional rights. This is a further retrograde step highlighting the Jagdeo dictatorship.

The PNCR reaffirms that its right to peaceful protest as enshrined in the constitution is not conditional and subject to PPP political manipulation. Notwithstanding the manoeuvres of the Police Force therefore, it intends to continue organizing peaceful political activity. It therefore extends an invitation to its supporters, members and all Guyanese who are concerned about the steadily rising cost of living and its socially destructive effects on the society to join it in a political activity on Thursday May 29th at 10:00 hrs at the Square of the Revolution.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia
Georgetown, Guyana.
Tuesday, May 27, 2008