PRESS RELEASE UN Independent Expert on Minority issues calls on Leader of the Opposition Wednesday, July 30th 2008

Ms Gay McDougal, the United Nations Independent Expert on Minority issues, met with a delegation led by Party leader, Mr. R.H.O. Corbin, at the PNCR Headquarters on July 30th. She was accompanied by Mr. Graham Fox, a UN Human Rights Officer based in Geneva, Switzerland, and Mr. Wedna Cambridge of the United Nations Development Programme.

The Party delegation included Mr. Winston Murray, Chairman of the Party, member of the Central Executive Committee; member of the Central Executive Committee, Member of Parliament and Chief Whip, Mr. Lance Carberry; Members of the Central Executive Committee and Members of Parliament, Ms. Clarissa Riehl and Mr. Aubrey Norton.

After she was welcomed by Mr. Corbin and courtesies extended, Ms McDougal outlined her areas of responsibility, the issue of discrimination and institutional racism. She also indicated that she is mandated to report to the UN Human Rights Council in March next year. Ms McDougal informed that her visit was in effect a follow-up to that of the UN Rapporteur on Racism.

At Ms McDougal’s invitation the PNCR leader, supported by his delegation gave an account of the disturbing trend in Human Rights violations in Guyana, the torture of its citizens, rampant discrimination in terms of the allocation of resources, repeated breaches of the constitution, and the control of the media and the biased reporting of violent events have exacerbated race relations.

The UN Independent Expert was grateful for the detailed and factual presentation of the PNCR and allowed that it helped her to have a better appreciation of the situation in Guyana.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia
Georgetown, Guyana.
Wednesday, July 30, 3008