The Leader of the PNCR and Opposition, Mr. Robert H.O. Corbin has today dispatched the following message to President-elect Barack Obama on his historic victory.


Please accept on behalf of myself and my Party, the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) of Guyana, heartfelt congratulations on your triumph at the recently held Elections in the United States of America on November 4, 2008. Your victory represents a historic milestone for the USA in general and the African American community in particular. Indeed, it provides the evidence of the strength of the system of democracy in your country.

Your victory has come at the end of a long and challenging campaign during which you displayed qualities of dignity, prudence and an abiding concern for the welfare and future of the American people. This concern for the American people and your message of hope, reconciliation, the uniting of the American people and the need for change of direction, resonated and stimulated the kind of democratic participation that has not been seen for a long time in the United States.

My Party, which has had an association with the Democratic Party over the years, is convinced that you now have a mandate to tackle the problems facing the United States of America domestically and internationally. It has, therefore, taken note of the intention signaled in your political platform to start a new chapter of engagement with Latin America and the Caribbean. My Party looks forward to working with you in these terms for a better Latin America and the Caribbean and a more peaceful world.

Robert H O Corbin
Peoples National Congress Reform
Leader of the Opposition

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia,
Georgetown, Guyana.
Wednesday, November 05, 2008