Over the last weekend, February 20 – 22, 2009, the leadership of the People’s National Congress Reform travelled to an out of town location where they held a major Strategic Leadership Retreat focused on the transition and change needed in the Party against the backdrop of threatening storm clouds on the global, national and regional horizons. This is the third Leadership Retreat in recent times, the first being held in 2003 and the second in 2005.

PNCR Leader, Mr. Robert H. O. Corbin, M.P. set the stage when he likened the PNCR to a ship travelling on a turbulent sea, which, needed to weigh anchor for a weekend to review the performance of the captain and crew, as well as the welfare of its passengers. The maintenance of the ship to ensure better performance and the re-evaluation of the course to be followed to the next port of call were also essential.

The Retreat was, therefore, held because, in this context, the PNCR has to pause and reflect, review and revise the language, tone and thrust of the political debate, focusing on the issues that would educate our people and move them to action. For this to happen, critical issues and new strategic options, for the country and the Party, had to be examined and analysed in depth, with frankness, honesty and under conditions of open debate.

Resource Persons:
The Retreat was coordinated by Mr. E. Lance Carberry, M.P., Mr. Alan Munroe and the General Secretary, Mr. Oscar Clarke. Dr. Aubrey Armstrong and Dr. Ivor Mitchell were the main facilitators. Resource persons from across the spectrum including Party veterans like Mr. Haslyn Parris, Mr. Cammie Ramsaroop, intellectuals such as Professor Clive Thomas and Brigadier David Granger, ret’d, persons from civil society, trade unions, religious organisations, youth groups and from the Diaspora were invited to share their perspectives on national and political issues.

Participants of the Retreat included, Central Executive Committee members, PNCR Members of Parliament, PNCR representatives from all ten (10) Regions, representatives of the North American and United Kingdom Regions of the Party, representatives from the Party’s Youth and Women’s Arm and other special invitees.

The Retreat allowed for a broad base of new ideas to be put on the table for discussions and vigourous debate amongst the seventy participants.

The strategic goals are to be incorporated into the Report of the Retreat, within a strategic timeframe.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia,
Georgetown, Guyana
Sunday, February 22, 2009