Greetings to our Muslim Sisters and Brothers in Guyana, the region and rest of the world as they celebrate yet another anniversary of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (On Whom Be Peace), the final messenger of God. The People’s National Congress Reform is confident that the Muslim citizens of Guyana will use this occasion to better position themselves to improve their lives as well as that of their communities and the nation.

The significance of the occasion will not be lost on our Muslim sisters and brothers and indeed the rest of the nation. The Prophet Muhammad (On Whom Be Peace) had to face many trials and tribulations but he nevertheless succeeded in establishing one of the world’s greatest religions, which is embraced by more than a billion global citizens, and which has defined their lives and their daily existence. It has also given rise to beliefs which have enriched societies in different parts of the world, including Guyana and the rest of the world and in particular enjoins Muslims to pay particular attention to the most vulnerable members of the society.

Guyana is going through a period of travail occasioned in part by the global financial and economic crisis and it will take the cooperation of all its citizens to ensure that it traverses this situation without doing lasting damage to the foundation of the society. It will take the same kind of wise leadership which the Prophet Muhammad (On Whom Be Peace) offered and continues to offer the Muslim community and the fine example of dedication and service to ensure that Guyana survives this crisis.

The PNCR would like to suggest that all our citizens take this opportunity and occasion to meditate on how the significance and symbol of the life of the Prophet Muhammad (On Whom Be Peace) can be translated into the kind of action to further strengthen the unity of our society and help us to overcome the many difficulties challenging the nation.

The PNCR believes that it would be good to remember the birth of our nation some 43 years ago as we remember the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (On Whom Be Peace). Then the nation set out its goals of equality and protection for the poor and powerless, while concentrating on building a society based on justice, laws and respect for individual citizens. Today those ideals are being left behind as the nation is overtaken by the widened gap between the rich and the poor, rampant criminality, lawlessness and a total disregard for our less fortunate citizens. It would be good for the nation to seek the rebirth of the original ideals so that we can proceed to build a just society.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia,
Georgetown, Guyana.
Monday, March 9, 2009