On the occasion of the 61st Anniversary of Enmore Martyrs Day, the PNCR joins the rest of the nation in honouring the Enmore Martyrs, Harry, Puran, Lallabajee, Rambarran and Surujballi, who lost their lives in the struggle for better working conditions.

That struggle became a symbol around which the entire Guyanese nation could rally and which served as a source of inspiration to promote the rights of workers. Indeed, the idea of the martyrdom of these Guyanese helped the nation to play closer attention to the needs and rights of workers. This was so for a long period in our history.

Now these rights are under attack, as the Jagdeo Administration has literally declared war on the Trades Union movement and the Guyanese working class. Guyanese workers today are grossly underpaid and, in the case of the public servants, do not have the right to collective bargaining. More than this, an institution like the Critchlow Labour College, which is intended to improve the education of workers, has virtually been destroyed. Above all things, there must be a serious struggle in this country to end the deliberate division of the labour movement.

In commemorating Enmore Martyrs Day, therefore, the labour movement and the Guyanese workers must seek to recapture the spirit of this period and work very hard to erase punitive legislation, such as The Trade Union Recognition (Amendment) Act and The Essential Services Act, and work with their respective organisations for better wages, salaries and working conditions.

As we commemorate this anniversary, the PNCR renew its pledge to defend the rights of the workers of Guyana, so that they can enjoy better conditions at work and be more productive while providing for their families and the nation.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia
Georgetown, Guyana.
Thursday, June 11, 2009