The People’s National Congress Reform wishes to record its shock and sadness at the passing of former Government Minister and former General Secretary of the Party, Mr. Ranji Chandisingh. He was an outstanding politician and educator of unquestionable integrity and patriotism who used his strength and his practical experience to embrace a vision for a truly united, progressive and developed Guyana.

As a person Mr. Ranji Chandisingh was a very private, even if acetic, man whose private hours seemed dedicated to reading and thinking about the various issues affecting mankind in general and his fellow Guyanese in particular. He was gracious, well spoken and honest in his personal and social relations. Indeed, he was a Guyanese who has been a credit and a blessing to this nation.

Mr. Chandisingh’s political career embraced the political struggle for independence and nation building. He was educated at Harvard University, and, like most of his generation of the 60’s, he regarded Marxism/Leninism as a vital tool for transforming this country. He joined the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) soon after his return to this country and became a member of the Cabinet of the PPP Government in 1961 as Minister of Labour, Health and Housing. He was also a leading ideologue of that Party and became the Principal of Accabre College.

By the middle of the 70’s he became concerned about whether the various elements in the PPP were really committed to national unity and the building of socialism. Consequently, he and many others from that party joined the ranks of the PNC.

Joining the PNC in 1975, he became Director of Studies of Cuffy Ideological Institute at Loo Creek, Soesdyke/ Linden Highway and a member of the Central Executive Committee of the PNC. In that capacity he wrote the highly informative booklet entitled “Education in the Revolution for Socialist Transformation and development” In January 1980, Mr. Ranji Chandisingh was appointed Minister of Higher Education. In the following year, he became Minister of Education, Social Development and Culture and in 1984, he replaced Dr. Ptolemy Reid as General Secretary of the People’s National Congress when the latter retired. In 1985, after the death of President Burnham, he elected to retire from active politics.

The People’s National Congress Reform believes that as a grateful nation we must recognise all those who made a contribution to the political and social development of this country. Accordingly therefore, the Party recognises the valuable contributions that Mr. Ranji Chandisingh made to the development of both the PPP and the PNC and the country as a whole.

The PNCR extends sincere condolences to his dear wife, Veronica, his son Yuri and all the other sorrowing relatives and friends.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia
Georgetown, Guyana.
Monday, June 16, 2009