Dr. Aubrey Armstrong To Follow Up On Party’s Strategic Leadership Retreat--PRESS RELEASE Thursday 16 July 2009

Central Executive member of the People’s National Congress Reform, Dr. Aubrey Armstrong, has been mandated by the Central Executive Committee of the Party to undertake wide-ranging consultations in Guyana, the Caribbean, North America and the United Kingdom with interested individuals and stakeholders to determine a consensus on the road ahead for the PNCR. These consultations were agreed to as a follow-up to the recently held Strategic Leadership Retreat, which Dr. Armstrong facilitated.

Under his terms of reference, Dr. Armstrong is free to consult with any Party member or supporter, disaffected Party members (especially those who are inactive), veterans, stalwarts, trade union groups, youth groups, businesspersons, and non-traditional supporters from across ethnic spectrum, among others.

The approach being utilised presents the output from the recent Party Retreat as the basis for encouraging a frank and open discussion of the Party, its programmes and strategies – with the view of determining a consensus on the road ahead for the Party.

Dr. Armstrong is expected to present a Report of his findings to the Central Executive Committee of the Party, before the 16th Biennial Congress scheduled for the 21-22 August, 2009.

Dr. Armstrong is well-known and respected as an international mediator and consultant who has facilitated over twenty Cabinet Retreats in various Caribbean countries, as well as those for the Party.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia,
Georgetown, Guyana
Thursday 16 July 2009