It is indeed ironic that, while President Jagdeo was in Albion over the last weekend, one of the main areas for sugar production, there is a nation wide shortage of sugar.

During a visit by the Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform, Mr. Robert Corbin, to the Corentyne, residents complained that sugar could not be obtained. But it is clear that this shortage of sugar is not confined to that part of the country.

There are reports that sugar is increasingly scarce in Georgetown and other urban areas. This is a troubling development, for sugar is such an essential commodity for our citizens. A shortage will add to the burdens they have to carry on a daily basis.

Some time ago, the PNCR drew attention to the growing shortage of sugar. At first this was denied by the Jagdeo Administration. In a statement issued by GINA, on 8 August 2008, GuySuco implied that there was no shortage of sugar by stating that efforts were being made to supply the local market. Later, in the face of mounting evidence, GuySuco conceded, in January 2009, that the shortage was real, by announcing that Guyana will have to import sugar from Guatemala to avoid a disruption of supplies to the local market. Now it appears that the usual incompetence and mal-Administration of the Jagdeo Government have led to another shortage of this essential commodity.

In the circumstances, the PNCR is calling on the Jagdeo Administration to explain immediately why there is a shortage of sugar and what steps are being taken to end this shortage. Such an explanation would not only be helpful to the Guyanese consumers but would also bring a degree of predictability in the activities of those business entities which rely on sugar for the production of pastries, soft drinks and other related items.

The Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Robert Persaud must be put on notice that propaganda will not help him here, it is either he has sugar or he does not.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia,
Georgetown, Guyana
Monday 27 July, 2009