During a visit to East Bank Berbice on Sunday 26 July 2009, by a PNCR delegation led by the Leader, Mr. Robert Corbin, it was more than evident that East Bank Berbice has been grossly neglected by the Jagdeo Administration. The greatest evidence of this is the deplorable state of the East Bank Berbice Road.

In meetings with the residents of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Sisters Village and members of the Hire Car Drivers Association on Sunday 26 July, several persons voiced their concerns over the deplorable state of the roads and expressed their disgust and anger over the neglect by the Jagdeo Administration. They complained that they had written to the Minister of Public Works, Mr. Robeson Benn, and explained the plight of their community which has resulted in severe hardships to residents as well as to those who are using motor vehicles on the road.

President Jagdeo himself did not see it fit to visit East Bank Berbice, even though he had gone to Albion to attend the Berbice Expo and Trade Fair and to open the new Ophthalmology Center donated by the Cuban Government.

After the residents engaged in protest action, they were then summoned by Minister Robeson Benn to a meeting. Instead of addressing their problems the Minister chose to insult them and informed them that no matter what protest action they engaged in they will not receive no response from the PPP/ C Government until the Government feels like dealing with their problems. It is not surprising that the Minister showed no genuine concern over the plight of the residents and displayed the level of arrogance that the residents complained about to the Leader of the Opposition.

It is becoming evident that the Jagdeo Administration is increasingly losing touch with various communities around the country and, as a consequence, has ignored the many problems affecting them.

The Leader of the PNCR and Leader of the Opposition in an invited comment after the visit to East Bank Berbice on Sunday stated that it is a disgrace for President Jagdeo to have gone to Berbice to open the Expo and to debate and define aspects of the Cuban Revolution but could not have the decency and respect to visit the people of East Bank Berbice to assist them in their serious plight. He calls on the Minister of Public Works, Mr. Robeson Benn to take his oath of office seriously and get rid of the arrogance he displayed when he met the residents of East Bank Berbice.

Recently in its Press Statement of 17 July 2009, the PNCR found it necessary to draw the attention of the nation to the neglect of the farmers in the Pomeroon area. Instead of addressing these problems the propaganda machinery of the Ministry of Agriculture went into overdrive but propaganda cannot deceive the residents of East Bank Berbice who are experiencing the blatant neglect of the Jagdeo Administration.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia,
Georgetown, Guyana
Monday 27 July 2009