Today, Tuesday 25 August 2009, seventeen (17) of those persons paid recently by the PPP to picket the AFC’s office on the instructions of Freedom House, attempted to mount a picket outside the Headquarters’ of the PNCR. This amusing episode lasted for five minutes. By the time the PNCR supporters who had rallied to support the Party had reached the entrance to enjoy the comedy of this exercise, the paid political hacks had already folded their placards and were scurrying up the street away from Congress Place. The driver of the bus, who had taken them to the location had also abandoned them and sped away.

The PPP must know that the resolve of the PNCR, to expose the criminality of the Jagdeo Administration and its links to the drug lords, the drug trade, and the execution of more than two hundred (200) of our citizens, will not be diverted by any action on their part, least of all by persons seeking to survive the economic crisis by accepting such menial jobs.

The PPP must also know that nothing will prevent the PNCR and the Opposition Parties from demanding an international enquiry into the criminal activities of the Jagdeo Administration. In this regard, this despicable act of those PPP hacks will only strengthen the resolve of the PNCR and cause it to intensify its activities. The PPP will not thwart the will and determination of the people of Guyana.

The PNCR calls on all decent minded citizens to join in the struggle for justice and decency and send a clear message to the Jagdeo Administration that there will be no rest until the nation is provided with answers to several questions including the execution of more than two hundred of our citizens.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia
Georgetown, Guyana
Tuesday 25 August 2009