The People’s National Congress Reform has taken careful and serious note of the report in the Stabroek News of September 15, 2009, that a 2002 letter purportedly written by Minister of Health, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, confirming the Jagdeo Administration’s support for the purchase of what is known as the “spy equipment” by the self confessed drug trafficker, Roger Khan. This ties the Minister firmly to the activities of Roger Khan, the most notorious aspect of which was the killing of more than two hundred (200) of our citizens. The Minister of Health must therefore resign his office forthwith.

The involvement of the Minister of Health in the purchase of the “spy equipment” on behalf of Roger Khan directly implicates the Jagdeo administration. This raises serious and profound questions about the legitimacy of this administration and its moral right to rule. These developments point to the fact that the Jagdeo Administration allowed the state of Guyana to enter in an unsavory concubinage with a drug trafficker allegedly to fight crime. This is an unprecedented development in the post independence history of this nation. The PNCR, therefore, calls on the international community to ensure that an international criminal type investigation is launched into this matter to determine the extent to which the Jagdeo Administration was involved in the criminal enterprise which broke the laws of this country and caused the deaths of so many of our citizens. In making this demand the PNCR rejects any notion of an investigation by local law enforcement agencies for the simple reason that the Government cannot investigate itself.

The PNCR believes that the involvement of the Minister of Health and the Jagdeo Administration in criminal activities has brought about a serious political crisis and a situation of stability and normalcy can only be reclaimed by an investigation of the type that the Party is demanding. To further delay the launching of such an investigation will cause the situation to fester, further undermine the rule of law and lead to greater instability in this society.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia
Georgetown, Guyana
Tuesday, September 15, 2009