The final General Council meeting of the People’s National Congress Reform, for the year 2009, was held on Saturday 5 December at the Party's Sophia Headquarters, under the chairmanship of Mr. Bishwaishwar (Cammie) Ramsaroop, Party Chairman.

The General Council is the second highest deliberative and decision-making forum of the Party, after the Congress, and is constitutionally due to be held quarterly each year. Representatives from all of the Regions, North America and the United Kingdom were present.

Among the matters discussed, the Party Chairman reminded the General Council of the tremendous achievements of the Party, both in and out of Government. In analyzing the colossal non-performance of the PPP, he opined that the people of Guyana are ready for a change and can see Guyana moving steadfastly towards economic development, a situation which can only become a reality under the People’s National Congress in Government once again.

In his address, Party Leader, Mr. Robert H.O. Corbin, M.P., dealt with several issues including tasks assigned by the last Congress; the achievement of shared governance; effective preparations for Local Government Elections; and the initiative by the Joint Opposition Political Parties (JOPP) in the preparation of the Dossier with the objective of forcing the Jagdeo Administration to account for the many human rights violations condoned by his Party. He also emphasized the need for Unity, Reconciliation and Conflict Resolution.

The Party’s General Secretary, Mr. Oscar Clarke, provided a detailed report on the activities of the Party since its last Biennial Congress while Ms. Amna Ally provided details of the Party’s programme for the next three months.

Special item on the agenda was the presentation on the report of the Party’s Leadership Retreat by Dr. Aubrey Armstrong and the Follow-Up Consultations he held with many people in and out of Guyana on the way forward for the PNCR.

All the above matters were the subject of very spirited discussions ending in a resolve by all members of General Council to recommit themselves to the struggle for a better Guyana.

The General Council deferred consideration of Questions and Motions to its next meeting. Party Vice-Chairman, Mr. Basil Williams, M.P. chaired the final session which was concluded with the Party Leader’s closing remarks.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia,
Georgetown, Guyana.
Saturday 5 December 2009