The People’s National Congress Reform extends Youmun Nabi greetings to all Guyanese but more especially to our Muslim brothers and sisters as we observe the birth anniversary of the Holy Prophet Muhammad as a national holiday. The Party takes particular note of the fact that the belief is that Holy Prophet Muhammad is the final messenger of God to mankind and he has left as a legacy, a religion that is universal in scope and purpose. This religion espouses the end of human suffering from disease, poverty, backwardness and the promotion of peace and harmony between and among peoples and nations the world over.

We, in Guyana, can benefit from the legacy by using it as an instrument, not only for promoting understanding among our various ethnic groups, but also, and more importantly, for bringing a healing towel to dilemmas and challenges which affect the nation at this most difficult period of its youthful life.

As we together observe this important Muslim Holiday, the PNCR wishes to suggest, that as a nation, we reflect on the significance of the birth of the Holy Prophet (On Whom Be Peace) and take to heart the lessons and messages of this religion and use them as important instruments in the construction of a more just, peaceful and harmonious Guyana.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia.
Georgetown, Guyana
Friday 26 February 2010