The People’s National Congress Reform extends Easter Greetings to all Guyanese and more especially to members of our Christian Community, both here and around the world, on the occasion of the celebration of one of the most important events in the Christian Calendar. This festival, which commemorates the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, contains, both in its symbolic significance and its secular relevance, important and powerful messages.

For the members of the Christian Community, the Easter story represents the fulfillment of God’s Prophecy that mankind would be offered the hope of eternal life through the sacrificial death of His son, Jesus Christ and His subsequent Resurrection from the dead. It is this faith which has kept the worldwide Christian Church alive and enabled its followers to significantly contribute towards making the earth a better place for all mankind.

The Easter season in Guyana is best known for the widespread kite flying activity that is seen by many as representation of the theme of Resurrection. Whatever may have been its origins, kite flying attracts widespread participation of Guyanese from all walks of life regardless of religion, ethnicity or culture. It, therefore, offers another opportunity for Guyanese to share common experiences and understand each other better.

At this time, we should recall that, during His earthly life, Jesus demonstrated His concern for the poor and powerless as well as His opposition to the evils of bigotry, hypocrisy, dishonesty and corruption which now afflict our country.

Let us hope that the symbolism of our kites soaring to the heavens inspire all Guyanese to emulate the example of Jesus for the renewal of hope for the resurgence of the conditions needed for the future development and prosperity of this our Dear Land of Guyana.


People's National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia,
Georgetown, Guyana
Thursday 1 April 2010