The PNCR rejects the report published in Stabroek News of Monday May 24, on the PNCR Regional Conference as very inaccurate, mischievous and totally unprofessional. One expects that a Newspaper that is expected to provide balanced reports would have sought to obtain a response from the Officials of either Region Four or the Party Headquarters before writing a report based on dubious and unknown sources which apparently have a special political agenda to discredit the PNCR.

The PNCR Regional Conference of Region 4, held on Sunday last, was organized by the Regional Committee and monitored by the PNCR Central Executive Committee. All relevant procedures with respect to the Party Constitution were followed and the Elections conducted by an independent returning Officer and scrutinized by all participants including, the candidates who contested the various Offices. At no time during the Conference was any objections made about the procedures adopted and there were no objections made at the Conference about the outcome of the Elections. It is therefore quite surprising that Stabroek news would produce such an inaccurate report, which is so far from the truth.

The PNCR is aware of the agenda of Stabroek News, which is so evident is several such reports in the past and urge them to observe the standards of professional journalism rather seeking to use every opportunity to discredit the PNCR. The PNCR Regional Committee will issue a separate release on their Conference.

The only unsavory occurrence at the conference was an unacceptable incident involving the physical assault on an Elderly woman by a GYSM member, Mr. Sherwin Benjamin. The General Secretary of the Party, who was present, promptly dealt with this matter. The General Secretary called on members of the gathering who witnessed the incident, to submit written statements about what transpired, so that party investigations could begin forthwith. The Disciplinary Committee of the Party would expeditiously deal with this matter. The matter has also been reported to the Police and criminal action would be pursued.

Whatever may be the alleged reasons for the assault the PNCR considers this behavior as totally unacceptable and inexcusable. In addition to the immediate investigation launched into the above incident the PNCR Leader, Mr. Robert Corbin, using the power vested in the Leader by the constitution, announced the immediate suspension of Mr. Sherwin Benjamin as member of the PNCR until the hearing and determination of Sunday’s incident. Addressing the Conference before its conclusion, the Party Leader denounced the incident as shameful, unacceptable and contrary to the well-known policy of the Party of being totally and inexcusably against any form of violence and abuse against women in society.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia
Georgetown, Guyana
Tuesday 25 May 2010