The North America Region of the People’s National Congress Reform held its Strategic Planning Retreat and Conference, on Saturday 7 August 2010, in the mining town of Linden. This Retreat was organized to coincide with the 25th Anniversary of the Death of the Founder Leader of the PNCR.

The theme of the Conference was “Mobilizing the North America Region in support of the Party’s movement back to power.” The conference was designed to achieve the following objectives:

• Review and internalize the present political context of Guyana and the PNCR ‘s plan to regain power.
• Outline the present role and focus of NAR.
• Explore new arrangement and possible roles for NAR in support of the PNCR in the run up to National Elections.
• Suggest areas of transformation and change of the Party in support of its movement back to power.

The facilitator of the conference was Dr. Aubrey Armstrong. The Conference Planning Chair was Col. (Rtd.) Mr. Larry London. They both did an excellent job.

The conference was attended by the Leader of the Party, Mr. Robert Corbin, M.P.; Party Chairman, Mr. “Cammie” Ramsaroop; Party Vice-Chairs, Dr. George Norton, M.P. and Mr. Basil Williams, M.P.; and representatives from the North America Region. Also in attendance were several members from various local groups of the Party.

The Party Chairman, Mr. “Cammie” Ramsaroop, delivered the opening remarks, setting the perfect tone for the Conference, while the Leader, Mr. Robert Corbin, M.P., delivered the charge at the close of the Conference.

Mr. Corbin’s presentation was very nostalgic as he revisited the Burnham era. He ended with a challenge to everyone to always put the Party first and to preserve its rich legacy. His presentation was met with a resounding applause.

The North America Region also presented awards to several party stalwarts from Linden for their outstanding contributions and long service to the Party. Some recipients have as many as fifty years of dedicated service to the Party.

Overall, the Conference was a huge success, meeting all of its stated objectives.

Prepared by the North America Region of the PNCR
Linden, Guyana
7 August 2010

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Wednesday 11 August 2010