The People’s National Congress Reform rejects the People’s Progressive Party and its General Secretary’s attempt to rewrite history in the hope that they would be absolved from their policy and dismal record of discrimination, marginalization and criminalization of Buxton as well as other communities and their citizens over the past years.

That the PPP/C would, after 17 years in Government, seek to measure their performance, by what they alleged the PNC has done, is further evidence of their ostrich like behaviour rather than a visionary approach to the development of all the people of Guyana.

No amount of meandering or Government propaganda will fool the people of Buxton and right thinking Guyanese who have witnessed the reign of terror unleashed on this nation by the PPP/C Government, and more specifically the Jagdeo regime in association with Roger Khan.

Mr. Donald Ramotar and the PPP would first have to come clean on the murder of Shaka Blair, Ronald Waddell and the hundreds of Guyanese youth who became victims of the “phantom squad” headed by PPP sponsored Drug Lord, Roger Khan. Mr. Ramotar would also have to explain why President Jagdeo resisted all the calls from the PNCR and the Joint Opposition Political Parties for an independent investigation or Inquiry into the criminal violence on the East Coast of Demerara since the infamous jail break.

The beneficiary of the crime spree from the 2002 jailbreak until the incarceration of Shaheed “Roger” Khan has been none other than Khan himself and the PPP/C, who used the opportunity for political mileage rather than guarantee the security of Guyanese citizens. The narco-militaristic operations, narco-connection, narco-benefits and beneficiaries, as well as the fall-out have a common political link that was firmly established in the US court of justice. No PPP/C propaganda can erase that!

The opportunistic use of Buxton , a once proud African village and PNCR strong hold marred by systematic and orchestrated PPP/C efforts to marginalize, criminalize and destroy, is best understood in the racist politics of the PPP/C and the economic starvation which this village and many others on the East Coast faced, making them prime targets for criminal masterminds. Jagdeo is yet to release the video tapes he claimed he had of the masterminds and politicians. He and Ramotar should either put up or shut-up.

The PPP/C has shown that they are content to usurp and undermine the work of the Police Force and the Judiciary by being judge, jury and executioner even as they have failed to enhance the crime fighting capabilities of the Guyana Police Force (GPF). Where are the improved ballistics and modern crime fighting techniques to serve this nation being over run by criminals of all sorts? With narco-criminals infiltrating every facet of Government and being sheltered by Government Ministers who facilitate their militaristic expansion and acquisition of high tech communication equipment, where is the Government’s response?

As the spate of criminality rocked this nation the PPP/C demonstrated that Police Commissioner, Mr. Winston Felix who was prepared to get to the root of crime through the joint military operation centipede launched in March 2006 was expendable even as Khan was not. Roger Khan had the backing and support of an army of ex-military men and criminals and that of Government officials. We are reminded of the many military style maneuvers and killings from 2002 until Roger Khan’s incarceration in June 2006. Between 2002 and 2006 many citizens including, businessmen, journalists and a Government Minister, were executed, robbed, kidnapped and faced brutal crimes. None was spared as this nation was led astray by the PPP/C brand of justice which conveniently saw all “criminals” dead and the PPP/C gloating victory over crime, even as they strategically placed and orchestrated blaming the PNCR and Africans for attacking Indians and seeking power through the back door. President Jagdeo personally reinforced these messages from their hallowed Babu John site.

In March, 2006, the 2005 US Department of State’s International Narcotics Control Strategy Report announced that “Drug traffickers appear to be gaining a significant foothold in Guyana’s timber industry” and pointedly accused the Guyana Forestry Commission of granting a State Forest Exploratory Permit for a large tract of land in Guyana’s interior to Aurelius Incorporated, a company controlled by known drug trafficker Shaheed ‘Roger’ Khan. The death of Minister “Sash” Sawh followed one month after and despite the gravity of the situation, the PPP/C used the occasion for political mileage against the opposition, particularly the PNCR. Today, even as the Sawh family seeks justice, we are vindicated as the brother-in-law of Minister “Sash” Sawh disbelieves the Government story and seeks answers from Roger Khan who, from all that was revealed in the US courts, was building his criminal regime and political connections to the extent where he was able to have equipment sold only to Governments purchased with the aid of the Jagdeo regime. Khan is a self confessed Government collaborator whose activities in Guyana go way back to 2001 when he fled US justice. The dots have connected. Unfortunately, Guyanese cannot expect any truthful revelations and investigations under this PPP/C regime. This very regime refused crime fighting assistance from the British Government and help with the “Sash” Sawh murder from the Canadian Government.

Criminals have demonstrated that they can bond, irrespective of race and other differences, as we have seen repeatedly and most recently with Roger Khan and those who were in his employ. The infamous death squad included informers such as Bacchus and gunmen such as Axel Williams. No one race has an affinity to crime more than another. Yet the PPP/C has made every effort to criminalise one group as they seek political mileage and ethnic encampment.

Guyanese are reminded that prior to the knowledge of Roger Khan, PNCR Leader Hugh Desmond Hoyte called repeatedly on the Jagdeo regime for an investigation into the February 2002 Jailbreak and the Buxton siege. The present PNCR Leader, Mr. Robert Corbin, had also called on the Government of Guyana to investigate the events of Buxton. The Government has failed to honour these requests but did not fail to place the village of Buxton on Military lock down even as they ignored the true effects of narco-criminality exploding in this nation’s face.

To date the Hoyte/Jagdeo Agreement that would have the government address the concerns of depressed communities including Buxton is still, years later, not honoured.

Where is the effort to resolve crime in our society under this regime which is prepared to sacrifice Guyanese for political gain in the same way as the Minister Kellawan Lall was prepared to let the capital City rot under garbage heaps for political gains?

As the people of Buxton celebrate 172 years of freedom from the bondage of chattel slavery and 170 years of their enterprising spirit that saw ex-slaves pooling their resources together to buy Buxton, the Government of Guyana is called upon to stop dividing our nation. Stop dividing our people and stop making Buxton and African villages a political football.

This is the occasion for serious introspection and serious revisiting of the historical, current and future challenges facing the descendants of those who were enslaved. It is time to revisit the moulding of a nation and the common destiny which is ours to protect and embarked on by a PNC since 1966. The families of those who were brutally murdered, robbed, or criminalized in any way deserve real justice. The families of those who were labeled as criminals and gunned down without trial also need justice. The brother-in-law of Minister “Sash” Sawh needs closure and only the truth will bring comfort to many. The PNCR calls on the Jagdeo Government to answer the call for a full and independent investigation into the crime wave from 2002 to present. We call on this Government to also enact the agreement made between Hoyte and Jagdeo to improve the economic circumstances of our villages and quit the political gimmickry. We call also on action to be taken on the Roger Khan properties acquired through the drug trade.

Buxtonians will remember the bulldozing of their farm lands which give them their sustenance. The rebuilding of Tiparrary Hall though welcomed will not compensate for the eye pass and mayhem which this Government failed to effectively and professionally address, but rather used to denigrate Buxtonians, Africans and the PNCR.

Jagdeo use of tax payer’s money will not fool Buxtonians who have equal right under the laws of Guyana. It will not erase the memories of a Government that criminalized their village and destroyed their livelihood. Using Buxton this time to demonstrate good will to Africans for elections will not work even if there are a few who would drink milk off of the table of those who are the architects and engineers of their destruction.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia,
Georgetown, Guyana
Wednesday 25 August 2010