How could the Commissioner of Police expect to convince the Guyanese public of the impartiality and professionalism of the Guyana Police Force to offer Service and Protection, when it seems that the Minister of Local Government, Mr. Kellawan Lall, who has flouted the law on many previous occasions, and the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Henry Greene, believe that he is above the law?

Is there a different law for members of the PPP hierarchy than that which applies to us the rest of the Guyanese people?

Mr. Lall was involved in an accident, on the night of Saturday 4 September 2010, on the East Coast Public road at Annandale. The media reports suggest that the Minister was the driver of an unlighted motor car which was being driven erratically and, as a consequence, struck a motorcycle causing serious injury requiring the hospitalisation of the pillion rider, Mr. John July.

What is particularly disturbing is the claims that the Minister, having struck down the motor cycle riders, drove away from the scene without offering assistance to the injured riders. In addition, it is reported that the Minister, up to Monday 6 September 2010, had not given a Statement to the Police or visited the victims in the Hospital.

The response of the Commissioner of Police suggests that he is convinced that there is a different law for the Governing hierarchy and other Guyanese citizens. The media reports clearly indicate that the Minister was in serious breach of the Traffic Laws, yet, in the absence of a Statement from the Minister or the victims of the accident, the Commissioner already concluded that the motorcyclists were wrong.

Like the Pope, The Commissioner of Police has granted Absolution to the Minister!

The PNCR will continue to closely monitor this event to ensure that justice is done and that the fears of Mr. July, that he would be victimised, are not realised.

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Friday 10 September 2010

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