The People’s National Congress Reform joins with the United Nations and Teachers around the world in observing “World Teachers’ Day 2010.” This global observance will see students, parents and activists around the world paying homage to all teachers for their contribution to the development of the minds of the country’s greatest assets – its children.

For us in Guyana, World Teachers Day 2010 comes on the heels of Education Month which was observed in September 2010, under the theme, “Child Friendly Home, Child Friendly Classroom and Quality Education.” The PNCR is aware that the close and harmonious collaboration of the home and the school will result in an improved quality of education for the child. It is for this reason that more attention should be paid to the quality of education being imparted to our children.

The PNCR is conscious that there are a number of under-qualified teachers operating within our education system. Many of these teachers have already been served letters which indicate a timeline within which they should upgrade their qualifications so that they could access the required training offered by the Teachers’ Training College.

The PNCR is also cognisant of the effort being made to upgrade the training being offered at the country’s lone Teachers’ Training College, the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE). But even as the Party welcomes this move and the introduction of the Associate Degree in Education (ADE) programme at the CPCE, we are concerned that those who do not meet the required entry qualification for the ADE have not been catered for, since there is no plan to continue the Teachers’ Certificate Programme.

As we seek to recognise the contribution of our teachers on this “World Teachers’ Day 2010”, let us not neglect the future welfare of those who will not be able to access a Trained Teachers’ Certificate. Some of them may be under-qualified but have been in the system for a number of years, during which they have made their contributions to our children. Every effort should, therefore, be made to give them the opportunity to make the best use of the training options being made available.

Best wishes to all teachers worldwide as we observe “World Teachers’ Day 2010”, on 5th October 2010.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia
Georgetown, Guyana
Monday 4 October 2010

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