The PNCR joins with all Guyanese in observing Fire Prevention Week, from Sunday 3rd through Saturday 9th October 2010, under the theme “Promoting Safer Community Through Active Participation in Fire Prevention.”

Every year, fires, whether accidental or electrical or as a result of arson, result in billions of dollars literally going up in flames and the displacement of hundreds of our citizens. Even as the country observes Fire Prevention Week, about 20 citizens were, on Tuesday 5th October 2010, rendered homeless when their building, at Lot 663 Mandela Avenue, East Ruimveldt, was completely gutted by fire.

To give meaning to this year’s theme, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Guyana Fire Service and the Fire Advisory Board must engage in activities to raise the awareness of the need for fire safety among all our citizens throughout the length and breadth of Guyana. These activities should include the sponsoring of Fire Prevention tips in our print and electronic media, as well as printing and distributing suitable flyers and encouraging communities and neighborhoods, throughout Guyana, to establish fire protocols.

Hand in hand with raising the awareness of citizens, the Government and the Minister of Home Affairs must show their commitment by ensuring that the long outstanding question of which entity or institution is responsible, for the effective functioning of fire hydrants, is settled with dispatch. Too many buildings have been unnecessarily destroyed, in recent years, due to the non-functioning of nearby hydrants.

The Government and GPL must also ensure that a stable supply of electricity is maintained, at all times, as power surges and other electrical malfunctions have often resulted in several devastating fires.

The Government must promote safer communities by enhancing the investigative capacity of the Guyana Fire Service and providing better salaries and conditions of service for our firemen and firewomen.

The PNCR salutes all our dedicated and brave firemen and firewomen who continue to perform their essential service beyond the call of duty.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia
Georgetown, Guyana
Thursday 7 October 2010

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