The People’s National Congress Reform and its women’s arm, the National Congress of Women, join with all persons worldwide in recognising 25th November 2010 as International Day for the elimination of violence against women.

We join the call for Governments worldwide to take immediate action to prevent and ultimately eradicate violence against women by adopting an attitude of zero tolerance to such behaviour.

Violence against women exists in every country in the world, and Guyana is no exception, as a pervasive violation of human rights and a major impediment to achieving gender equality. Such violence is unacceptable, whether perpetrated by family members or strangers, in the public or private sphere, in peacetime or in times of conflict.

Women’s organisations have taken the lead in developing innovative efforts to tackle the issue, including providing services, drafting and lobbying for legislation, raising awareness through advocacy, education and training, and building national, regional and international end-violence networks.

Guyana has passed the Domestic Violence Act in Parliament, but there are many who have not respected that Act. Whether sexual or domestic violence our women are dying; women who are mothers, teachers, protectors and who are responsible for the reproduction of future generations. Domestic and sexual violence has evidently become endemic in Guyana. How many more of our women must succumb before effective action is taken to curtail this violence in our society? Far too many of our children are being deprived of the right to a mother’s care, love, and protection. We call on the members of the Guyana Police Force to be the protectors of our womenfolk. We call on the Guyana Police Force to deal with cases reported to them in a professional and just manner. We call on the ‘Justice System’ to deal with those found guilty condignly.

The PNCR and the NCW call for support for our mothers, our sisters and our womenfolk as a whole, as they strive to free themselves from abuse and become independent. We welcome the support of the religious bodies in having their leaders trained as persons who could help to eradicate the upsurge in violence being meted out to women.

As we observe International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on Thursday, November 25, 2010, we reiterate the call made by Amnesty International earlier this year when it demanded that, where such violence occurs, measures should be taken to protect women from being subjected to such abuse, and to aid their search for justice.

The People’s National Congress Reform and the National Congress of Women call on the Government of Guyana to institute harsh penalties to the perpetrators of such crimes and let the Justice System protect Women against Violence.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia
Georgetown, Guyana
Thursday 25th November 2010

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