In its Press Statement, dated 16th November 2010, the PNCR outlined in great detail the process as agreed by its Central Executive Committee and General Council, by which its Presidential Candidate, for the upcoming 2011 National and Regional elections, would be identified. At the present time the process has reached the stage where all approved groups and Regional nomination lists of candidate have been received by the Party’s General Secretary and the Party’s Presidential Process Committee has requested and received, from most of the twenty three (23) nominees, an indication of their disposition.

Two (2) of the nominees have, however, requested more time to respond and the Committee, after due deliberation, has agreed to extend the deadline for responses from them to 3rd January 2011. Meanwhile, all of the nominees who have responded positively have been requested to supply the Committee with their curriculum vitae and brief Bio Data for its consideration, prior to the finalization of the recommended list to the Party Central Executive Committee.

It was the intention of the Party to announce the names of the approved nominees by 31stDecember 2010, but due to the delay, occasioned by the Committee’s decision to accommodate the request of two (2) nominees, this announcement would have to be delayed.

However, it is anticipated that this delay should not exceed one week and should, therefore, not unduly affect the original schedule.

Meanwhile, the Party wishes to repeat that this process, notwithstanding, it stands by its commitment to support a consensus candidate of the combined opposition, should such a candidate emerge from the ongoing consultations.

People’s National Congress Reform

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Monday 3rd January 2011

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