PRESS RELEASE - Tuesday 22 February 2011


The People’s National Congress Reform extends Mashramani greetings to all Guyanese as we celebrate forty-one years of Republican status.

Our Republic Anniversary is being commemorated at a time when torrential rains have led to floods throughout our coastland that have resulted in severe loss and suffering to many of our citizens. Memories of the devastating 2005 Floods are still with us and it is to be hoped that the PPP/C Administration has learnt from the many mistakes made then, in attempting to politicise what should have been a national humanitarian flood relief operation. While the Government has no control of the weather, all Guyanese expect that the relief response would be robust, equitable and as commensurate with their 2011 “biggest Budget ever”.

The anniversary of the Republic is an occasion for measuring the progress made in consolidating our political and economic independence and forging a future from the foundations that our ancestors laid before Guyana took on Republican status. By any such measurement, it must be clear, that as a nation, there is much more to be achieved, particularly, in the areas of governance.

Forty one (41) years ago, under the leadership of Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, we proudly declared our country to be a Co-operative Republic, the first Co-op Republic in world, pledging to build a strong and resilient economy through the participation and involvement of all Guyanese. We were reminded by our leaders then, that Guyana would only be solidly built if the architects and the construction crews were Guyanese who understood and accepted the real meaning of Independence and Republican status; that we were masters of our destiny; and, that while we may receive assistance from others; our destiny lay in our own hands.

Guyanese were urged to make sacrifices for our country’s development and we were excited by the many self reliance strategies which were exemplified in the self help movement; the Feed, Clothe, and House ourselves policy; and, the co-operative enterprises, which were manifest throughout the country at that time.

We understood too, that in order to develop our country we must first own it. This meant preparing young Guyanese with the skills and attitudes suited to pioneering and adventure so as to conquer and inhabit our vast interior with all its treasures that were essential to building the national economy.

Today, all Guyanese are deeply conscious that our forty-first anniversary finds Guyana still faced with many of the problems that existed since 1970. National unity still eludes us as a people. At the same time, we face the continuing challenges of high cost of living; an untenable crime and security situation, continued lawlessness in high places; the intolerance of views, other than those expressed by the Administration; corruption at unprecedented levels; abuse of our fundamental law, the Guyana Constitution; and a burgeoning dictatorship.

These circumstances have led to despair and the feeling of hopelessness among our people, particularly the young people of this nation.

On this Republic anniversary, however, let us all resolve to get Guyana back on track and on a course for progress and prosperity for all Guyanese. The time for action is now and all stakeholders must be involved or be consumed by the present excesses of Government; 2011 must, indeed, be the Year of Redemption. The future of Guyana lies in our hands and we owe a duty to future generations to create a society of which they can be proud.

May we be blessed with the spirit of peace, love, unity and determination to succeed in the quest to make our national motto of One People, One Nation and One Destiny, a reality!

Happy Mashramani!

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia
Georgetown, Guyana
Tuesday 22nd February 2011