On the significant occasion of the 45th Anniversary of Guyana’s Independence, the People’s National Congress Reform joins all Guyanese at home and abroad in appropriate observances of this milestone.

In the judgement of our Party these observances should be the occasion for soul searching as to where our country is today and what must be done if it is to survive as a cohesive unified and prosperous country. As a people we must ask ourselves whether after forty five (45) years of political independence we have been successful in ‘Nation Building’ and whether the economic plans and programmes over the past years, have helped to spread prosperity equitably throughout our land and resolve our deep-seated ethnic and social problems.

Let us take note of the fact, as we observed this particular milestone, that our country is definitely showing signs of regression and all Guyanese, who love their country, must pause and ponder what must be done, as a matter of urgency, to ensure that the path to racial harmony, economic development and social progress which were evident in the early years after independence is resumed in this our dear land.

Our Party is confident that if as a nation we can build a truly, inclusive political culture in which all stakeholders are allowed to play a meaningful role and which can create an enabling environment for the orderly development of the nation, we can look forward to a future that is politically successful, economically self-sustaining and culturally rewarding.

On this 45th Anniversary of Independence, the PNCR pledges to work with all responsible and reliable forces whose aim is to forge a ‘National Consensus’, which can facilitate the resolution of the many known problems which have bedeviled our country and stymied our development. In particular, our Party will be supportive of all plans and programmes which seek to bring an end to the suffocating Westminster form of Governance, which has not only slowed our development but also generate conflict and ethnic division.

The PNCR is confident that when we present to the world an image of a united, reconciled, purposeful and serious nation, our country will not encounter insuperable difficulties in attracting credible investments to boost its economic development and, thereby, provide greater opportunity for expanded employment. A prosperous economy can be the stimulus for the spiritual, social and cultural rebirth of the nation.

It is with these reflections that the PNCR greets all the people of this our dear land, in this election year, and extend best wishes on the occasion of the 45th Anniversary of our political Independence.

People’s National Congress Reform

Congress Place, Sophia

Georgetown, Guyana

Wednesday 25th May 2011