PRESS RELEASE - - Friday 11 June 2011


PNCR Presidential Candidate, Brigadier (ret’d) David Granger on Friday 10th June 2011, visited the residents of Kwakwani in Region #10, whose lives have been torn apart by the disastrous floods caused by a breach of the regiments around parts of the Berbice River. According to Mr. Granger, “The flooding in some places is as high as two to three meters. The bottom flats of many homes are completely covered by water”. Mr. Granger also mentioned that his team was forced to move around the public roadway by boat.

Mr. David Granger went on to slam the incompetence of the PPP/C Government indicating that yet again, another community has to suffer because of poor civil defence, an unwillingness to move citizens away from the river banks to more suitable housing on higher ground and the Government’s further inability to demonstrate proper disaster preparedness.

Mr. Granger once again called for a volunteer militia to be activated. “People must be trained, relief equipment must be sourced and stored in strategic locations, and disaster plans must be written and tested. This capacity is necessary to effectively respond to disasters in a timely manner and to efficiently end the suffering of Guyanese citizens”, he stated.

Regional Chairman of Region #10, Mr. Mortimer Mingo and PNCR Presidential Candidate, Mr. David Granger were able to distribute emergency supplies to more than 100 residents. Mr. Granger stated that, “The PPPC government must be held to account for their incompetence, lack of concern for the welfare of citizens, and lack of strategic planning. Flooding of the low lying river bank happens every year and Government is not learning from lessons of history. This incompetence cannot be allowed to continue”. He ended by saying that, “a PNCR coalition Government will demonstrate more vision, better strategic planning and place a higher priority on alleviating the suffering of Guyanese citizens. Citizens should not be victimized by Government’s lack of strategic planning and incompetence”.

People’s National Congress Reform

Congress Place, Sophia,

Georgetown, Guyana

Friday 11th June 2011