Leader of the People�s National Congress Reform, Brigadier David Granger spoke for the nation when he expressed solidarity with the people of Linden and vowed that the blood of the Martyrs would not have been shed in vain. The newly-elected PNCR Leader addressed huge crowds at two memorial services - one in Georgetown and, later, one at Wismar near the bridge where the Linden Martyrs were gunned down by members of the Guyana Police Force.

Brigadier Granger told the thousands who had gathered at Wismar that the PNCR would build a monument at that very site to commemorate the lives lost. Earlier, speaking at the Square of the Revolution in Georgetown, he called on the people of Guyana to stand with the people of Linden.

He told the crowd that �this is not a day for politics; this is not a day to talk about electricity tariff. This is a day to talk about human dignity, human liberty and self respect��

The PNCR Leader told the mourners that the combined opposition held that Mr. Clement Rohee had �ministerial responsibility� for the Guyana Police Force as Minister of Home Affairs. The National Assembly, therefore, acted promptly to pass a motion of �no- confidence� in him.

Brigadier Granger iterated, �We will never forget 18th July�we will never forget the Linden Martyrs�� He called for a day of determination, emancipation and celebration and urged all Guyanese to ensure that there would be no more shootings, no more killings. �We must not look back, we must look forward to a day when all can have �a good life� in a country where we can be safe and productive with a government that protects its citizens.�

People�s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia
Georgetown, Guyana
Friday 3rd August 2012

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