Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform, Brigadier David Granger has told Party members, during a visit to Region #2 on Saturday 8th September 2012, that the entire system of local democracy was being deliberately damaged by the current actions of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic administration.

Brigadier Granger, speaking at Anna Regina in the Pomeroon-Supenaam Region, alluded to the fact that Mr. Ganga Persaud, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, had been systematically dismantling neighbourhood democratic councils. He was busily installing unrepresentative, hand-picked, PPP/C interim management committees against the wishes of local residents.

He said that, clearly, the PPP/C was on a campaign to starve certain municipalities of the resources they needed and to neutralise local government entities. To do so, the administration was discrediting existing councilors with bogus ‘investigations,’ inventing pretexts to remove the remaining elected officials and to replace them with PPP/C placemen.

Brigadier Granger, repeating the adage that “all politics is local,” called on PNCR members to remain organised and mobilised. He advised them to aim at securing sufficient grass-roots support in forthcoming municipal and local elections to ensure that they could control the councils and that their concerns would be addressed.

Brigadier Granger reminded members that the PNCR was a Guyanese national Party. It was not an Amerindian Party, an African Party or an Indian Party. It was working towards establishing a true government of national unity which, he said, must be reflected at the municipal and local levels.

The PNCR leader said that the Party believed in “inclusionary democracy.” This also involved improving citizen’s access to public services - such as education, health, housing and social services - and intensifying the Party’s relationship with labour and civil society.

Brigadier Granger, earlier in his visit, interacted with vendors during a ‘walkabout’ in the Supenaam Market. The PNCR leader was accompanied by Regional Chairman Mr. Joseph Hill, Regional Secretary Ms. Doreen Duncan and other officials.

People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia
Georgetown, Guyana
Sunday 9th September 2012

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